2018 Police Sport UK Swimming & Water Polo Championships


Merseyside Police offered a very warm welcome to Liverpool for competitors in the 2018 PSUK Swimming & Water Polo Championships. The host force did a fantastic job providing accommodation at the infamous Adelphi hotel and creating a great friendly competitive atmosphere at the pool. Positive feedback has been received across the board.

Although no swimming records were broken 6 new swimmers made it onto the national team bringing their well needed youth! In the first event the 400 freestyle newcomer Alex Mason, Hertfordshire dominated the race winning by 15 seconds; Claire Thorn, West Midlands took the female title. Mason continued his winning success over the weekend by going on to win the 100 butterfly & breastroke, 200 freestyle and also coming 2nd in the 100 freestyle.

Out of the remaining men's open events available for contest Chris Jones, South Wales took the 100 backstroke title. Brian Steatham, West Midlands returned after several years to win both the 50 & 100 freestyle, the 200 breastroke was won by Geoff Boddie, Merseyside and the 200 individual medley was won by another newcomer, Daniel Burrows, West Yorkshire.

The female open events were a little more spread across the board; Aimee Ramm, Leicestershire won both the 50 & 100 freestyle; Helen Cumber, Metropolitan 100 backstroke and Sara Gamble, West Midlands both the 100 & 200 breastroke. Two newcomers Jemma Bingham, Cheshire and Sally Blick, Sussex won the 200 IM & freestyle respectively.

The Metropolitan Team were triumphant in the women's open medley and freestyle relays with Scotland winning both the men's. The 160+ women's relays were both won by West Midlands and the men's by South Wales and Metropolitan. With the introduction of 160+ mixed relay events the ends of both sessions were very tiring; West Midlands won both of these relay events.

A well organised community based relay took place involving local swimming clubs and police swimmers.

The finale event was the very close and exciting skins; from 8 swimmers to 1 in a matter of minutes. The overall victors of this intense show of speed and strength were Jemma Bingham and Ross Woolley, Scotland.

The top overall Master swimmer went to Chris Jones; Claire Thorn won the top overall Open female and the top overall Open male swimmer was Nigel Gaskin, West Midlands.

Selected to represent GB Police for 2018 were:

Alex Mason, Daniel Burrows, Ross Woolley, Chris Jones, Brian Steatham, Geoff Boddie, Nigel Gaskin, Thomas Allen (Kent), Adam Johnson (South Wales), Garry Dixon (TVP) & Graeme Wilson (Scot)

Aimee Ramm, Jemma Bingham, Sally Blick, Helen Cumber, Sara Gamble, Helen Cumber, Charlotte Fisher & Gabi Kennedy-Hill (Met), Sarah Hempenstall (Surrey) , Delyth Cunnah (Scot), Charlotte Smith (West Yorks) & Claire Thorn